Oz Runs Away And Calls The Cops When Women Ask About Abortion

Republican Senate candidate Mehmet Oz ran away from women asking about abortion, and his campaign called the police on them.

Video from the group Indivisible MayDay confronting Oz in Dubois, PA:

The women said:

“Dr. Oz, can I ask you about inflation? Women’s rights are on the ballot, do you care? Women want to hear your answers. 

We’re voters, Dr. Oz. Are you going to ignore your constituents? We’re possible constituents, Dr. Oz. You’re ignoring us. 

Pennsylvania voters want abortion rights. Women are scared.”

Video of the police:

MayDay activists/attendee Bobbi Erikson said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, “Dr. Oz clearly does not want to listen to young women, and spoke to every person in the event except for us. We were asking clear questions and trying to get clear answers on important issues like education, inflation, and abortion. Dr. Oz was not only unwilling to speak with us, but he and his staff and Senator Chris Dush were combative. Pennsylvanians deserve a leader who is willing to listen and answer hard questions. Dr. Oz has proven time and time again he is not that.”

The Oz campaign event was not private. It was in a diner, and the fact that Oz spoke with every person in attendance but the women shows how little he cares about the needs and views of the women in the Keystone state.

The Oz campaign is flailing, and running away from women who are fighting to protect a fundamental human right before calling the police on them is his pitch of the voters of the state; it is not surprising that Lt. Gov. John Fetterman is poised to flip the Senate seat blue.