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Trump Is Taking On The DOJ With Apparently The World’s Worst Lawyer

Former DHS chief of staff Miles Taylor said that when Trump lawyer Christina Bobb worked with him, she wasn’t trusted to use the copier.

Video of Taylor on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House:

Taylor said, “I’m not a lawyer, but I would tell you right now, it looks to me like Donald Trump is going into the major leagues with some minor league lawyers…That lawyer that you just featured was planted by the White House to work under me while I worked at the Department of Homeland Security, and I will say, we did not trust that individual in some cases with a photocopier, let alone handling a federal case like this. So, if I was Donald Trump, I’ve had that employee before, I wouldn’t feel very good going into court with that person as your defense at the moment. I don’t feel convinced by the arguments Christina Bobb made on television. “

Taylor later added, when told that one of his colleagues referred to Bobb as an idiot, “I’m not going to personally disparage people like that, but I would say, you know, Christina Bobb was assigned to work in execsec at DHS. That’s the office that prints papers and puts together briefings for the secretary. I kept her out of most meetings because I did not feel comfortable with her being in sensitive meetings with even the Secretary of Homeland Security, but apparently, now she’s advising the ex-president. I wish him well with that defense and with that employee, but look, I don’t have confidence in the information they’ve been putting out there publicly, and I think the ex-president is in extremely hot water and is getting extremely bad advice.”

Bobb is the same lawyer who went on Fox News on Thursday night and claimed that Mar-a-Lago is a secure place to house classified documents because it has security.

Trump’s legal representation has been devolving for years. Donald Trump is notorious for not listening to his lawyers and not paying his legal bills. Trump even stiffed Rudy Giuliani.

Donald Trump picked his impeachment legal team by watching Fox News.

Trump values loyalty over competence and this preference could come back to haunt him with the Justice Department on his trail.

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