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Senate Republican Campaigns Are Broke Because Rick Scott Spent All Of Their Money

Senate Republican candidates are getting destroyed in ads because Sen. Rick Scott ran through all of the money national Republicans raised for Senate campaigns.

Via: The Washington Post:

The NRSC’s retreat came after months of touting record fundraising, topping $173 million so far this election cycle, according to Federal Election Commission disclosures. But the committee has burned through nearly all of it, with the NRSC’s cash on hand dwindling to $28.4 million by the end of June.


“If they were a corporation, the CEO would be fired and investigated,” said a national Republican consultant working on Senate races. “The way this money has been burned, there needs to be an audit or investigation because we’re not gonna take the Senate now and this money has been squandered. It’s a rip-off.”

Rick Scott loves to give interviews where he paints himself as a fiscal conservative, but he somehow managed to blow $173 million in a few months, and now Senate Republican candidates have no national support for ads.

Republicans are going to blame Scott, but they may not have been able to win the Senate with a roster of Trump-chosen nominees that are terrible. Mitch McConnell recently admitted that Senate candidate quality is a problem. Republicans never thought they would be getting blown out in Pennsylvania and have to prop up JD Vance in Ohio.

Republicans have been targeting Sen. Warnock’s seat since the day he won it in Georgia, but thanks to Trump, the Republicans have Herschel Walker who has been described on social media as a “walking CTE patient,” as their nominee in Georgia.

The consequences of such grave financial mismanagement are that the GOP may not have the money to help struggling incumbents like Sen. Ron Johnson in Wisconsin, and winnable open races could end up being lost.

Rick Scott is getting thrown under the bus, but the problem goes back to Trump. If Donald Trump stays out of the GOP Senate primaries, Republicans are probably better positioned to take back the US Senate.


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