Trump Stole 700 Pages Of Classified Docs On Covert Operations

According to the National Archives, Trump kept 700 pages of classified documents related to covert operations.

The New York Times reported:

President Donald J. Trump took more than 700 pages of classified documents, including some related to the nation’s most covert intelligence operations, to his private club and residence in Florida when he left the White House in January 2021, according to a letter that the National Archives sent to his lawyers this year.

The letter, dated May 10 and written by the acting U.S. archivist, Debra Steidel Wall, to one of Mr. Trump’s lawyers, M. Evan Corcoran, described the state of alarm in the Justice Department as officials there began to realize how serious the documents were.

Trump personally handled and sorted through 300 classified documents and lied to the Justice Department as he claimed to have turned all over all of the documents in his possession when he was withholding classified documents about US covert operations.

Each new detail that is revealed about Trump’s possession of classified documents only makes the situation worse. Donald Trump stole classified documents related to US covert operations.

It is now clear why Trump is being investigated for violating the Espionage Act. Donald Trump would have no use for documents about US covert operations while writing his presidential memoir.

The documents would be valuable currency for sale to a foreign government or barter for foreign intervention in the 2024 presidential election.

The document theft wasn’t an accident, and what was taken suggests that Trump might have been in the process of committing crimes against the United States.