FBI And DOJ Are Investigating Criminal Activity At Trump’s House

The affidavit revealed that as MSNBC’s Ari Melber put it, the FBI and DOJ are investigating potential criminal activity at Trump’s house.

Video of Ari Melber:

Melber said on his MSNBC show The Beat:

When you get a filing like this, you move from the general claims to the specific. Is it one page or two, is it three? Well, we learned today with more detail than before it is many, many such pages and that means there is a lot of stuff that a judge has independently verified has credibly necessarily to keep secret that relates to what the heck Donald Trump and other people were up to down at Mar-a-Lago. That is bad for him. 

And one more thing, the evidence here shows the FBI and DOJ asserting that they were looking at potential criminal activity at Trump’s house. Let me repeat. Criminal activity, suspicion thereof at Mar-a-Lago. Now we don’t know who exactly is suspected of that activity. But again for the first time we have this explicit reference about probable cause that evidence of obstruction would be found at those very premises. With all caution and all care, that is what we’re learning.

Trump and his defenders constantly suggest that the FBI search was about classified documents, but if the search was just about the documents, the investigation would have ended after the documents were recovered.

The ongoing nature of the probe means that law enforcement is investigating criminal activity. Melber was correct. We don’t know who is suspected of a crime, but the FBI searched Trump’s house and found classified documents in his personal office.

That is a pretty big hint as to who is the focus of the investigation.

Never has law enforcement investigated criminal activity at an ex-president’s house. It is easy to become desensitized to Trump because he commits crimes as naturally as other people breathe, but the fact that law enforcement is investigating his house as a crime scene is huge and should not be overlooked.