Fox News Launches An Absolute Disaster Of A Defense Of Trump

Fox News’s big defense of Trump is to ask why the FBI didn’t raid him sooner, which is not helpful to Trump at all.


Bret Baier said on Fox News:

Why didn’t they when they found the documents in the fifteen boxes in January move quicker to go after these highly highly sensitive documents that they believe are still on the premises after looking at the 15 boxes that they retrieved back in January?

Why does it take until June to get a subpoena? Why does it take until August 8th to launch this raid? That is not laid out in these documents. At least in the part that we can read.

What Fox News offered was not a defense of Trump but an argument that he should have been searched sooner. If this is the best that Fox News can come up with to defend Trump, the former president should probably get measured for an orange jumpsuit.

Even Fox can’t come up with anything resembling a logical and reasonable defense for Trump’s actions beyond admitting his guilt and trying to cast the timing of the FBI search as some sort of conspiracy.

Donald Trump is in such deep trouble that he might even be beyond the ability of Fox News to help.