Adam Kinzinger Says He Is Going Help Elect Pro-Democracy Democrats

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) said that over the next few years he is going to be helping Democratic candidates beat anti-democracy Republicans.


Transcript via Meet The Press:


I’m just curious. Liz Cheney said that in some cases she may have to help a Democrat win against sort of an anti-democracy Republican. Do you feel that’s what you’re going to be doing over the next couple of years yourself?


Yes. Yeah, I mean, look, the biggest issue – not everybody agrees with me, certainly in my party. And even Democrats like to say things like, “Well, but you’re still a conservative.” Yeah, I’m a conservative. But the bottom line is: The biggest threat right now to our country is democracy. And if you have Republicans that are running against even left-wing Democrats that believe in democracy and believe in voting, that person should be elected over somebody who basically would overthrow the will of the people and ultimately destroy this country. This country cannot survive outside of democracy. It’ll turn into a power struggle between groups of different races, of different ethnicities, of different religions. Because the thing that holds us together is this belief that we can self-govern. Take that away, this country’s a mess. And so Republicans that are for that have no place in office. I don’t care what their policy position on taxes are.

Without A Democracy, Nothing Else Matters

Republicans and Democrats need to come together to defeat the Trumpist anti-democracy forces because without a democracy none of the other issues that members of both political parties like to argue about will matter.

Some of the unification across party lines appears to be happening on the abortion issues. When the Trump-created Supreme Court majority overturned Roe, the backlash and movement have been bipartisan.

Liberals and conservatives can go back to arguing about taxes, government spending, and the role of government in society after democracy has been protected because, without democracy, there is no freedom.

For any American who wants to save democracy, the Democratic Party is the only thing standing between America and a form of fascism.