Trump’s Team Is Terrified at Its ‘Comically Inept and Inexperienced’ Legal Representation

One way to get a sense of the trouble Trump faces is the fact that he’s still unable to hire competent legal counsel. It has nothing to do with the daunting challenges he faces from a criminal investigation. Defense lawyers live for that kind of challenge. No, the concerns come from the fact that Trump is an exceedingly difficult client to control and thus can ruin even the best-laid plans. There is also the fact that a formal association with Trump is no longer something that top attorneys seek out. The stench is only increasing. ABC’s Jonathan Karl notes that among those close to Trump, it’s one of their biggest fears. Their legal counsel is “inept.”

Appearing on ABC’s This Week, Karl stated of Trump insiders. (Transcript from Mediaite: )

Privately, they are really concerned. And one of the big concerns here is that Trump has nobody defending him. If you look at his legal team, it is comically inept and inexperienced. All of the big names who defended him through the first two impeachments, through the Mueller investigation, they are gone. There is real concern that he needs to bring in a heavy-hitting criminal defense attorney.”

Some Trump calls are not even returned:

“I know of several that have been approached who have said no. I even know of one prominent criminal defense attorney who was approached who didn’t even return the phone call.”

Karl then extrapolates out even further to the overriding context, Trump’s future on the widest scale:

“The idea of Donald Trump running for president again and being the frontrunner for the Republican nomination — will Republicans be comfortable supporting a candidate who cannot even hire a criminal defense attorney?”

Certainly, some Republicans have no trouble supporting a man who cannot even hire a defense attorney. To this day, most Republicans in office continue to cover for him. But Karl is looking over the horizon a bit. There will be a reckoning soon enough, and that battle has already bled out some terrible facts that only increase the stench around Trump. It is likely that many politicians know what the defense attorneys know. It is far more likely than not that more revelations are coming, and they won’t be pretty.