Ari Melber Says Trump And Graham Are Trying To Scare Prosecutors Out Of Indicting

MSNBC’s Ari Melber said that the threats being issued by Donald Trump, Lindsey Graham, and others are an effort to scare off prosecutors.

Video of Melber:

Ari Melber said on his MSNBC show The Beat, “What we do know is Trump allies are concerned about what Weissman is saying. They agree with that perspective or think it’s more possible now than it used to be. And also apparently some of them think they might scare prosecutors out of doing what they would otherwise do, out of this potentially likely indictment.”

Melber went on to lay out why prosecutors won’t be intimidated and said that Trump and his allies aren’t the first people to try threatening violence to derail a prosecution.

Lindsey Graham knew exactly what he was doing when he went on Fox News on Sunday night and threatened riots in the streets if Trump is indicted. The Senator from South Carolina was suggesting that Republicans like him would do everything in their power to inspire riots in the streets if Trump is indicted.

Prosecutors aren’t going to be threatened off the potential case. Merrick Garland has demonstrated that he will not be intimidated and has no fear of pursuing justice against anyone who breaks the law.

Republicans are cornered and out of arguments, so just like on 1/6, their lone remaining play is to scare the nation with violence.