DOJ Likely To Not Announce Any Trump Indictment Until After Election Day

It is being reported that any federal indictment of Donald Trump will not be publicly announced until after election day.

The News: DOJ Expected To Wait Until After Midterm To Potential Charge Trump

Bloomberg reported:

Federal prosecutors are likely to wait until after the November election to announce any charges against Donald Trump if they determine he broke laws, according to people familiar.


Under long-standing department policy, prosecutors are barred from taking investigative steps or filing charges for the purpose of affecting an election or helping a candidate or party, traditionally 60 days before an election. This year, that would be by Sept. 10, which makes it unlikely anything would be announced until after Nov. 8, said people who asked to remain anonymous speaking about potential Justice Department actions.

Why A Post-Midterm Trump Indictment Is Good For Democrats

If Donald Trump is indicted, it will dominate the national conversation and become the dominant political story.

With Democrats gaining momentum in the midterm election, it is good news for Democrats if a potential Trump indictment is held off until after the election. Democrats will get to focus on the improving economy and abortion, and Republican voters will not get the potential motivation of an indicted Trump firing up voters and getting them to the polls.

A post-election Trump indictment is good news for Democrats. It will also avoid any complaints from Republicans that the Justice Department meddled in the midterm election and allow Americans to vote without the shadow of Trump’s legal issues hanging over the election.