DOJ Expands Trump Criminal Investigation To Include Grand Jury Obstruction

The Department of Justice has expanded its investigation of Trump to include obstruction of a grand jury.

The Miami Herald reported:

The Department of Justice is expanding a criminal case against Donald Trump that alleges the former president obstructed a grand jury investigation by failing to turn over classified national security documents located in his office and a storage area at his Palm Beach home that were later found during an FBI search this month, according to a new court filing.


“Further, there is probable cause to believe that additional documents that contained classified NDI [national defense information] or that are Presidential records subject to record retention requirements currently remain at” Trump’s residence, the agent wrote in the affidavit, noting he has received training in counterintelligence and espionage investigations. “There is also probable cause to believe that evidence of obstruction will be found” at his home.

Obstruction was mentioned in previous DOJ documents and filings, but the Justice Department laid it out by stating that there is probable cause to believe that there is evidence of grand jury obstruction at Donald Trump’s home.

The obstruction investigation could stem from Trump’s refusal to turn over classified documents and the false information given that all classified materials had been turned over.

Donald Trump knowingly kept and accessed classified information and then lied to the federal government about turning the information over. Trump concealed, hid, and moved classified materials that belonged to the United States government.

There are several paths for potential prosecution open to the DOJ. Trump’s defenders are getting increasingly quieter as the details of what Trump did are so heinous that it is increasingly unlikely that the former president avoids prosecution.