President Biden Just Ripped The Heart Out Of MAGA

President Biden redefined MAGA as a threat to American democracy and called on Democrats, Independents, and moderate Republicans to unite against it.

Video of President Biden:

Biden said in Philadelphia:

For a long time, we told ourselves that American democracy is guaranteed. But it’s not. We need to defend it, protect it, and stand up for it, each in every one of us. That’s why tonight, I’m asking our nation to come together to unite behind the single purpose of defending our democracy, regardless of your ideology. Democrats, Independents, mainstream Republicans, we must be stronger, more determined, more committed to saving American democracy than MAGA Republicans are to destroying American democracy. We the people! We will not let anyone or anything tear us apart. 

Today, those dangers around us that we cannot allow to prevail. We hear you’ve heard it, more and more talk about violence. As an unacceptable political tool. It’s not. It can never be an acceptable tool. I want to say this plain and simple, there is no place for political violence in America, None. Ever.

Biden Is Redefining The Trump MAGA Brand

President Biden is changing the definition of Trump’s political brand from a slogan of American greatness to a symbol of violence and the destruction of democracy.

Biden was correct in pointing out that many more Americans are not followers of Trump. Most Americans don’t want violence or riots in the streets. All other Americans who aren’t Trump devotees want to keep and sustain democracy.

President Biden did something important with his speech in Pennsylvania. He changed the meaning of MAGA, and he rallied all Americans to come together and fight back against the effort to destroy democracy.