John Fetterman Makes Oz Look Like A Joke During MSNBC Interview

Lt. Gov. John Fetterman emphasized that Oz’s campaign was not serious during an interview on MSNBC.

Video of Fetterman:

Fetterman said on The 11th Hour with Stephanie Ruhle:

First their approach, I always just would say, desperation is the worst cologne. And they understand that Dr. Oz’s campaign is in shambles whether you look at the polls, you look at the fundraising. They just figured out, let’s appeal to folks that get their jollies making fun of the stroke dude. 

And again, if that is your story, tell it the way you got to. But he really should own those words. And he should just acknowledge that, as a doctor, you are going around making fun of somebody that had a stroke. And when you look around, and realize that there are Pennsylvanians all across the state that have serious health crises in their home life, and I don’t think anybody would want to doctor in their life making fun of them or laughing at their circumstances. But I just happen to have a doctor in my life to do just that.

Fetterman on Oz not knowing what he stands for:

Fetterman said, “Nobody really knows what Doctor Oz believes. I don’t even think Doctor Oz knows what he believes. Here is an individual that was fined over 1 million dollars for selling magic diet pills. So if you’re willing to sell those kinds of products and sre swindling people out of their money who knows what they really believe. Because, right now it’s very clear that this is a very blunt, important election. But we stand on the right side that I believe a majority of Pennsylvania voters understand.”

Fetterman delivered a message that a lot of Pennsylvanians can relate to. The Lt. Governor looked and sounded healthy during his interview. Oz wants to make the election about Fetterman’s health because he doesn’t have anything to offer the people of Pennsylvania.

Even worse for Oz, the notion that he is an out-of-state snake oil salesman sticks with Pennsylvania voters.

John Fetterman knows how to talk to Pennsylvanians, and he made Oz look like a joke in the MSNBC interview.