TV Networks Refused To Carry Biden’s Speech Because It Criticized Trump And Republicans

The broadcast networks considered Biden’s call for the nation to unite and save democracy political because it criticized Republicans who are attempting to destroy democracy.

Via: The Washington Post:

 While President Biden warned the nation about threats to democracy in a prime-time address on Thursday, ABC was airing a game show, “Press Your Luck.” As Biden spelled out his objections to former president Donald Trump and “MAGA Republicans,” NBC was broadcasting a rerun of “Law and Order.” CBS skipped the speech to show a rerun of “Young Sheldon.”


People involved in negotiations over Thursday’s address said the networks deemed Biden’s remarks as “political” in nature and therefore decided not to televise it. These people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe sensitive discussions, cited the speech’s criticism of Trump — who may run in the Republican presidential primaries in 2024 — and its timing two months before the midterm elections.

Trump was not mentioned by name in the speech, but the corporate media is so afraid of hurting the feelings of the people who are attempting to destroy democracy that refused to air a speech that used facts to show why those who are trying to destroy America must be united against and defeated.

Protecting democracy is not partisan, which was the point of President Biden’s speech. Democrats, Republicans, and Independents need to come together to battle this threat.

The corporate-owned media made it clear with their decision that they are not interested in the public good. The corporate-owned outlets are only interested in profit.

The desire and motivation for profit is what leads to bothsidesism in news coverage. The idea that there must be a false balance is a factor in the endangering of US democracy.

The President Of The United States issued a warning to the country about a grave internal threat, and the corporate media was too afraid of angering the authoritarian and his followers to televise the speech.

Even if democracy crumbles, the corporations will still be there to pump out reality TV and game shows. Until their profits are jeopardized, the corporate media will continue to ignore the threat to democracy.