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Coup Plotter Marjorie Taylor Greene Claims Biden Is Inciting Violence Against Her

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has followed Trump to Pennsylvania and is claiming that Biden is trying to incite violence against her.


Greene said, “They’re using their position of power, and they have declared war on all of us because Joe Biden basically said in his speech that we’re the enemies of the state, and he’s calling us extremists, and so that’s a dog whistle for violence against MAGA Republicans, and it is a continued dog whistle of violence against me.”

There Have Been 0 Violent Attacks Against Republicans Since Biden’s Speech

Since Biden delivered his speech, Republicans have claimed that the president is inciting violence against them, but the number of violent attacks against Republicans since Biden delivered his remarks is zero.

Marjorie Taylor Greene has been implicated in Trump’s coup attempt by the 1/6 Committee, and she is a vocal supporter of the Trump supporters who attacked the Capitol and killed police officers on 1/6.

MAGA Republicans like Greene are worried about being called out and put back into their place on the right-wing fringe of American politics.

President Biden did not mention Greene or Trump supporters in his speech. He did mention elected Republicans who are attempting to destroy democracy. If Marjorie Taylor Greene thinks President Biden was talking about her, that is an indictment of her, not an example of the president attempting to incite violence.

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