Trump Publicly Admits That He Had Classified Docs At PA Rally

Trump publicly admitted that he had classified documents by arguing that the FBI moved the documents to take a photo.

Video of Trump:

Trump said:

Yet now the same people the exact same people. Are sending the FBI storming through the home of their number one political rival. It’s a disgrace. Disgrace like possibly never before countries never seen anything like it. They talk about documents not being properly stored. Yet they go in and take documents dumped them on the floor. Stage a photo shoot. And pretend that I had done it like I had put them all over the floor. They took that back. After a lot of prodding. 

Then they put out for public consumption a picture. Which is seen all over the world. This is what they do.

Trump thinks that the problem is how the documents were stored, which suggests that he believes that they were his, which is not the case. Donald Trump wants to change the conversation to how the documents were handled because he doesn’t want to talk about why he had classified documents illegally in his position.

Donald Trump is admitting in public that he was in possession of classified information. Trump can believe that the documents were his, but the law states that the documents belong to the United States government.

The former president continues to make it easy for the Justice Department to indict him.