Eric Trump Says His Dad Is Too Neat To Leave Stolen Nuclear Secrets On His Office Floor

Eric Trump tried to defend his dad by saying that his father is too neat to leave documents all over his office floor.


Eric Trump said on Hannity, “I think the judge is one hundred percent right. You literally have the FBI who is spending more time leaking stuff to the press. These pictures. Do you think my father happened to just leave documents all over his office floor? I can tell you my father is a very very neat guy. He doesn’t leave documents staged all over an office floor.”

The pictures were not leaked to the press. They were part of a court filing in response to Trump’s lawsuit. Eric Trump admits that his father had the highly sensitive nuclear documents. Still, he claims that somehow the theft of classified material is ok because his father stored the documents in his desk and his closet.

The Trumps are trying to change the conversation to the pictures because they don’t want people to think about the fact that Donald Trump stole classified information.

My dad is a neat who would never keep his stolen government property on the office floor is not a criminal defense.

Eric Trump was trying to do what his entire family does. He was trying to create a distraction to take attention away from his father’s crimes, but his distraction is so silly that it only heightens the scrutiny on the alleged crime.