Jessie Watters’ Recklessly False Assertions Invite Violent Response

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 01:56 pm

Jessie Watters made a fact-free assertion so reckless and inflammatory that it almost “compels” MAGAs to resort to asymmetric and loosely-coordinated violence if Trump is arrested. Watters said:

“This guy is insane. He just came out and said that Republicans are a threat to democracy. This is the guy and the FBI that just rigged the last election and then raided his political opponent’s house. Trump got impeached for asking to investigate Joe Biden. Joe Biden actually is investigating Donald Trump. No one’s talking about abuse of power. No one’s talking about it all.”

No one is talking about it because not a single word he said is true. Not one.

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President Biden is not insane, which is why he charitably said that a “minority” of Republicans are a threat to democracy. It is true that some Republicans like Watters are a threat to democracy as proven by Watters’ assertion that Biden and the FBI “rigged” the last election, which is untrue and thus a threat to democracy. Moreover, Biden did not “raid” Trump’s house. Biden didn’t know a thing about the search warrant. A judge knew about the warrant and signed it because the judge believed that Trump was holding evidence of a crime. Trump didn’t get impeached because he asked for an investigation. He got impeached because he held up Ukrainian aid to force Ukraine to start an investigation. Biden is not investigating Donald Trump. The FBI is investigating Donald Trump, and Biden is walled off from the process.

The final lie? Watters himself is talking about abuse of power. Every single sentence is provably a lie, and yet if any sentence in the paragraph were to be true, it would near justify that all American rise up to protect democracy. But given that it’s all false, only the MAGAs will resort to violence, and that violence will need to be put down by whatever force is necessary.

There are almost daily outrages on Fox News. Few rise to the level of recklessness above, especially in an environment in which Americans believe violence is nearly inevitable.  Please also notice that very suddenly, the MAGAs are saying that the FBI helped rig the election. The accusation has only become MAGA dogma since the search. Such it is with propaganda.

Given that we don’t put “journalists” in jail in this country for reporting propaganda, President Joe Biden might be well-served by taking a page out of Trump’s book and suing Jessie Watters for defamation and slander.  True, a suit might bring more attention to the problem than warranted. And yet Biden must deter future lies such as those above. One might almost call such a lawsuit a matter of national security.

National security is on the line. The Washington Post reports that the FBI found documents outlining a certain country’s military defense, including its nuclear posture. There are only eight candidate nations, and wars can break out over such information. While the FBI furiously rushes to preserve our national security, people like Watters are busy ensuring that the nation will be attacked from within.

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