Trump Lied And Hid Nuclear Secret Documents From The DOJ

Donald Trump had highly sensitive documents on nuclear programs at Mar-a-Lago and he hid them from the government.

Trump Had Highly Classified Nuclear Documents At Mar-a-Lago

Via: The Washington Post:

A document describing a foreign government’s military defenses, including its nuclear capabilities, was found by FBI agents who searched former president Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence and private club last month, according to people familiar with the matter, underscoring concerns among U.S. intelligence officials about classified material stashed in the Florida property.

Some of the seized documents detail top-secret U.S. operations so closely guarded that many senior national security officials are kept in the dark about them. Only the president, some members of his Cabinet or a near-Cabinet-level official could authorize other government officials to know details of these special-access programs.

Trump Intentionally Withheld The Most Sensitive Documents

One can only imagine how much a foreign country would pay Trump to access such highly sensitive information. It has now been confirmed that Trump had some of the most sensitive intelligence belonging to the U.S. government at his private club, and he lied to the government about having those documents.

The documents ending up at Mar-a-Lago weren’t an accident. The documents being chosen to stay at the club after Trump turned over some materials was intentional.

Donald Trump stole highly classified need-to-know information.

The special master ruling doesn’t change this fact. All the order did was buy Trump a little time.

The former president may have committed one of the most heinous national security breaches in the country’s history, and he may have done or been planning one of the great acts of treason and espionage ever to strike the nation.