Judge Trashes And Tosses Trump’s RICO Lawsuit Against Hillary Clinton

A federal judge has trashed and dismissed Trump’s lawsuit against Hillary Clinton as full of hyperbole.

Judge Donald Middlebrooks wrote about Trump’s complaint:

Many of the Amended Complaint’s characterizations of events are implausible because they lack any specific allegations which might provide factual support for the conclusions reached.

For instance, the contention that former FBI director James Comey, senior FBI officials, and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein “overzealously targeted” Plaintiff and conspired to harm him through appointment of special counsel are strikingly similar to the conclusory and formulaic allegations found deficient in the seminal Supreme Court case of Ashcroft v. Iqbal, 556 U.S. 662 (2009). What the Amended Complaint lacks in substance and legal support it seeks to substitute with length, hyperbole, and the settling of scores and grievances.

The Judge later wrote, “Plaintiff added eighty new pages of largely irrelevant allegations that did nothing to salvage the legal sufficiency of his claims. The inadequacies with Plaintiff’s Amended Complaint are not “merely issues of technical pleading,” as Plaintiff contends, but fatal substantive defects that preclude Plaintiff from proceeding under any of the theories he has presented. At its core, the problem with Plaintiff’s Amended Complaint is that Plaintiff is not attempting to seek redress for any legal harm; instead, he is seeking to flaunt a two-hundred-page political manifesto outlining his grievances against those that have opposed him, and this Court is not the appropriate forum.”

Trump’s RICO case against Hillary Clinton was empty and the Judge called him out for using the court system as a platform for his political manifestos and a place to try to settle scores with his perceived enemies.

The lawsuit was about Trump trying to damage the allegations about his relationship with Russia and Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump by 3 million popular votes in 2016, and she beat him again in court on the lawsuit alleging a RICO conspiracy related to the Russia scandal.