Eric Trump Suggests His Dad Has Done More For Christianity Than Jesus

While speaking at a right-wing Christian event, Eric Trump proclaimed that no one has done more for Christianity than his dad.


Eric Trump said, “In fighting for religious liberty, there is no one who has done more for Christianity than Donald Trump. No one.”

Virtually every Christian in history has done more Christianity than Donald Trump. There’s Jesus. He definitely did more for Christianity than Trump. He even died for it. Martin Luther, various popes, including Pope Francis and Mother Teresa, and just about anyone else in the world who is a Christian and has ever set foot inside of a church have Trump beat.

No one has done more to expose the hypocrisies of right-wing Christianity than Donald Trump. The Trumps don’t understand the difference between a president who carries out the political agenda of the right-wing segment of the population that calls themselves Christians and actual religious beliefs.

No president should be doing things for Christianity. That’s why the nation has a separation of church and state.

The Trump cult is so extreme that they have placed Donald Trump above Jesus. Donald Trump is not ahead of Jesus in the who has done more for Christianity contest. The fact that Eric Trump suggested as much shows how far gone Trump and his supporters are.