Herschel Walker speaks on Fox News's Sunday Morning Futures

Herschel Walker’s Latest Fox News Interview Was A Disaster

Herschel Walker used an interview on Fox News to tell white people to stop apologizing for their skin color.

Video of Walker on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures:


Walker said:

 The black and brown, we want public safety, want school choice for our kids. We want to be able to go outside in the streets and be safe. That’s one of the things I think they’ve forgotten is — about, is we’re the same as anyone else. But they continue to want to call you names if you totally disagree with them. 

I’ve been out meeting the people, and one of the things my wife told me, educate people, because the media is not my friend. It is amazing that they used to love Herschel Walker and now they don’t. 

I don’t care about that. I want people on the streets to be safe. I want them to go to the mall without having to hire a security guard to take you through the mall. I want every white kid in school to know you don’t have to apologize for your skin color, every black kid to know you’re not oppressed. You can still make it in this country here. This is the only country that you can make it in.

Herschel Walker feels very strongly for all the oppressed white people who have been made to feel bad because they are white. He also told black people that they are not oppressed; his message seemed to be that they should suck it up and show sympathy to all decent white people who feel bad about being white.

The interview was a disaster.

Walker can’t be trusted to address media outside of heavily choreographed Fox News interviews and can’t be allowed on the debate stage with Sen. Warnock.

Walker is a trainwreck who, when he does make sense, is offensive.

This is the sort of interview that plays well with Fox News viewers but also shows why the Walker campaign is a disaster.

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