Kevin McCarthy promises to end inflation

Kevin McCarthy Digs His Own Grave By Promising That House Republicans Will End Inflation

The red wave is gone, and Kevin McCarthy is making promises that will come back to haunt him, like saying that House Republicans will end inflation.

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Video of McCarthy on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures:

McCarthy said, “So we will come out with the commitment to America, that if you would trust us with the majority, what would we do? First of all, we would stop inflation, make America energy independent and lower your gas price. We would build a nation that is safe. We’ve watched the Democratic policies making it the deadliest in America in the last 20 years.”

Kevin McCarthy is doubling down on inflation, even though the issue that moves voters the most to show up and vote is abortion. McCarthy is also promising to do something that House Republicans can’t do.

Even if House Republicans are in the majority, they can’t pass a bill to end inflation because inflation was not caused by spending. Inflation is an economic aftershock caused by the pandemic. Inflation is a global problem. If Democratic spending is the problem, why is every other country wrestling with inflation?

Kevin McCarthy’s mouth wrote a check that his majority would never be able to cash. McCarthy has made blunder after blunder in the midterm election campaign. His bragged about red wave is gone, and now he is digging his own political grave with promises that he will never be able to deliver on.



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