1/6 Committee

The 1/6 Committee Has New Information On Secret Service Destruction Of Evidence

The 1/6 Committee has uncovered new information related to the Secret Service destruction of evidence around the Capitol attack.

CNN reported:

Investigators have also learned new information about the deletion of Secret Service text messages around the Capitol attack even if those messages have not been recovered, which sources say could appear in upcoming hearings.

“It’s not clear that they are recoverable at this point. But we’re, we’re not giving up,” one source said. Referring to the texts the source added, “That’s not the only kind of evidence that exists.”

The 1/6 Committee stating that there are other kinds of evidence that the committee has access to outside of the destroyed text messages should make some people in the Secret Service very nervous if they participated in the destruction of evidence.

With so much Trump criminal activity taking up the investigative oxygen and headlines, it is important to keep in mind that there is a brewing investigation into the Secret Service and the potential destruction of 1/6 related evidence.

Some Trump-supporting members of the Secret Service may have thought that they got away with something, but it appears that the 1/6 Committee is digging deep and at the next 1/6 Committee hearing on September 28th, the American people may hear about what the Secret Service was doing and saying around the time of the Capitol attack.

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