Trump Claims He Verbally Declassified US Secrets That He Stole

In an interview with Hugh Hewitt, Donald Trump claimed that all the documents he stole were verbally declassified.

Hewitt tweeted:

Trump claimed during the interview that he “verbally declassified” all of the documents he stole from the United States government and that presidents have the “absolute right” to declassify anything they want.

Presidents can’t verbally declassify documents, and there are written and formal processes that must be legally gone through for a president to officially declassify a document.

A president does not have an absolute right to declassify anything, and some of the highest classification documents can only be declassified through a panel review process.

Trump declassified documents the way Michael Scott declared bankruptcy:

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Trump’s Lawyers Refuse To Argue That Trump Declassified The Documents

It is telling that despite Trump’s claims that he did nothing wrong and declassified the documents, the former president’s lawyers will not state that he declassified the documents in court. Trump’s lawyers know they could be criminally charged if they falsely state that Trump declassified the documents.

There is no evidence that Trump declassified anything. If Trump had declassified the documents, there would have been a paper trail, and he would not be under criminal investigation.

The documents were not declassified, and Trump’s only defense appears to be a lie.

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