John Fetterman Calls Oz A Scary Clown And Sounds Abortion Rights Alarm

Lt. Gov. John Fetterman called Dr. Oz a scary clown with a vote who will take away abortion rights in the US.

Video of Fetterman on Alex Wagner Tonight:


Fetterman said when asked by Alex Wagner if he views Sen. Lindsey Graham’s abortion ban bill as a gift, “ I don’t consider it as a gift, it is actually a very dangerous kind of law, and what’s even more scary is that Dr. Oz would vote to eliminate abortion rights here in America. The truth is, is that it may be a clown, but a clown with a vote is very scary and we have to make sure that we send him back to New Jersey where he lives and make sure that we stand for abortion rights.”

The Oz campaign has refused to answer any questions on Graham’s bill and if Oz would support a federal abortion ban, so the Fetterman campaign has launched a new website on Oz’s refusal to tell Pennsylvanians where he stands on a national abortion ban.

The lesson that every American should have learned from the Trump presidency is that clownish, incompetent, and corrupt people are very dangerous if they obtain power.

Dr. Oz has shown a willingness to shift his beliefs to suit his audience. The Republican doesn’t appear to believe in anything, which makes the prospect of his election dangerous for Pennsylvanians.