Bret Baier Outed As A Fraud Who Tried To Get Arizona Call Reversed For Trump

After Fox News called Arizona for Biden on election night 2020, Bret Baier tried to get the network to reverse itself because Trump was mad.

Via: Business Insider from the new book The Divider:

“‘The Trump campaign was really pissed,’ he wrote in an email to Jay Wallace, the president and executive editor at Fox,” according to the book set for publication on Tuesday. “‘This situation is getting uncomfortable. Really uncomfortable. I keep having to defend this on air.'”

The authors wrote that journalists on the Decision Desk thought there was “no serious question about Arizona,” but Baier, in his email, accused them of “‘holding on for pride,'” the book says.

“‘It’s hurting us,'” he wrote, according to the book. “‘The sooner we pull it — even if it gives us major egg — and we put it back in his column the better we are in my opinion.’

Arizona was never in Trump’s column, so putting it in Trump’s column would have been false reporting.

Fox News holds Bret Baier up as a journalist on their network. Baier plays the part of a journalist, but he isn’t a journalist. No journalist would care about what a campaign thought of their reporting. An actual journalist would have only been interested in accuracy and facts.

Baier was worried about making Trump look bad and did not like having to defend the truth on the air. Telling the truth is supposed to be his job.

Most of the Trump books that are written have the historical significance of a supermarket tabloid at the checkout aisle of the grocery store, but once in a while, a story like this one sheds light on how the culture at Fox News is based on politics, not news.

Fox isn’t a news organization. They are a political organization disguised as news, and Bret Baier revealed himself to be a journalistic pretender.