Trump Mentally Collapses And Claims Every Investigation Is A Conspiracy

Trump is trying to rationalize his entire life collapsing under the weight of investigations by claiming they are all a conspiracy against him.

Trump wrote on Truth Social:

This is a giant Scam, a sick continuation of the Greatest Witch Hunt in U.S. History. A complete Weaponization of the Justice Department & FBI, and includes Democrat D.A.’s & A.G.’s. Controlled by the same people that brought you Russia, Russia, Russia, Mueller, Impeachment Hoax 1, Impeachment Hoax 2, and more. The American people will not stand for “Weaponization” any longer!

The investigations are all separate and independent, but the only that Donald Trump can package them and dismiss them to his followers is to claim that they are all part of a vast conspiracy.

It isn’t that Trump is a criminal. It’s that everyone is out to get Donald Trump. The investigation and lawsuit in New York for financial crimes and fraud have nothing to do with the investigation in Fulton County, which is centered on Trump’s potential violations of Georgia election law, which has nothing to do with Trump’s potential mishandling of classified documents that are being investigated by the Justice Department, which has nothing to do with Trump’s potential crimes when he tried to overthrow the government.

The investigations aren’t a witchhunt. They represent a pattern of criminality.

Trump is mentally collapsing because he could be facing financial ruin. Congress is getting set to pass legislation to block his potential avenues to a coup, and the classified documents case could result in criminal charges.

Donald Trump’s tactics that he has used for a lifetime aren’t working. The walls are closing in, and he is running out of time.