1/6 Committee Postpones Wednesday Hearing Due To Hurricane Ian

The 1/6 Committee has announced that they will be postponing Wednesday’s scheduled hearing due to Hurricane Ian.

The Committee tweeted:

With lives at stake and parts of Florida expected to get two feet of rain or more, rescheduling the hearing is both the respectful and responsible thing to do.

From a media coverage point of view, the national news coverage is going to be geared toward Hurricane Ian. Any message coming from the hearing or new information would have been lost in the shuffle of the hurricane coverage.

It is best for the Committee to hold its final investigative hearing when people will be paying attention.

The hearing will probably be rescheduled for next week.

All eyes are on Florida right now as the state is about to get hit by a devastating storm. President Biden and the federal government are ready to respond and assist.

The Committee is doing the right thing by postponing the hearing.



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