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Apparent Fundraising Pitch Sent Out For Marco Rubio As Hurricane Ian Gets Set To Pummel Florida

Voters have seemingly been sent a fundraising appeal for Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) as Hurricane Ian is set to hit Florida.

As the residents of his state are preparing for the storm, a fundraising pitch was apparently sent out for Rubio:

The language in the ad above is the same as a campaign that is still listed as active for Rubio on WinRed, but Rubio’s official campaign website does have a pop-up box that directs visitors to Hurricane Ian resources, so if these ads are being sent out, it would appear to be a mistake.

The track of Ian has been known for days, so this sort of blunder is insulting and inexcusable if it is true. Sending out a fundraising pitch makes Rubio look incompetent at best and cold and uncaring at worst.

Rubio is locked in a tight US Senate contest with Rep. Val Demings (D), so the last thing that he needs is to look like he is placing raising campaign cash ahead of the lives of the people of his state.

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