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The Supreme Court Is Cratering As 66% Of Americans Want Justice Term Limits

A new Monmouth University poll finds that nearly 60% of Americans think the Supreme Court is out of touch, and 66% want term limits on justices.

According to the Monmouth University Poll:

About 6 in 10 Americans (59%) say the current Supreme Court is out of touch with the values and beliefs of most Americans. Just one-third (34%) say the court is in touch with the public. Most Democrats (83%) and independents (62%) feel the court is out of touch, while just 32% of Republicans agree. More women (64%) than men (55%) and more people of color (65%) than white non-Hispanic Americans (56%) say the court is out of touch. Also, Americans under 35 years old (70%) are more likely than those aged 35 and older (55%) to feel this way.

The Monmouth University Poll also finds two-thirds (66%) of the public would support creating term limits for Supreme Court justices. This includes clear majorities of Democrats (86%) and independents (63%) and just over half of Republicans (51%).

Just 36% of respondents supported expanding the Supreme Court, so the clearly popular position among the American people would be to impose term limits on Supreme Court justices.

House Democrats have a bill that would impose an 18-year active term limit on Supreme Court justices and require the appointment of new justices in the first and third year of every president’s term. Justices would keep their lifetime appointment status, but after 18 years, they would assume senior status and only hear cases of the number of Supreme Court justices falls below nine.

The bill if it became law would immediately send Clarence Thomas into retirement.

The Supreme Court is cratering in the eyes of the American people. Term limits on justices would be very popular and help restore credibility to the court.

Mitch McConnell broke the Supreme Court, and Congress has a duty to fix it and restore public trust in the institution.

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