Company That Organizes Trump’s Paid Speeches Is Going Broke

In a sign of how it is going for Trump, the company that organizes Trump’s paid rallies and speeches is struggling to pay bills.

The Washington Post reported:

The American Freedom Tour, which struck a multimillion-dollar deal with Trump after he left office, has lost two top executives and canceled events in a number of locations as it has failed to pay its bills, according to people familiar with the activities and documents obtained by The Washington Post. Its founder and owner, who has a history of bankruptcy filings, recently sought bankruptcy protection again.

The group has promised events in a number of locales but canceled them before they began and appears to be banking on a large event at Mar-a-Lago in December to turn its financial position around.

The only people who have gotten paid are people close to Trump. The same company ran the big paid event arena tour that was a total disaster. It turns out that even Trump’s supporters were not willing to pay premium ticket prices to see Trump, his family, and various cronies.

Trump had to cancel a for-profit rally in North Carolina when he had to testify in the New York fraud investigation.

Trump tried a tour with Bill O’Reilly in 2021, resulting in thousands of empty seats.

As his legal woes mount, investors are bailing on Truth Social. 

The post-presidency of Donald Trump appears to be one endless series of failed grifts. Donald Trump has overinflated the value of his brand to his fans, and anyone who did work for the former president without getting payment upfront is being left holding the bag.