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Special Master Could Sink Trump’s Classified Docs Delay Scheme

Special Master Dearie could ignore the extended timeline from Judge Cannon and finish his review and report quickly.

Video of former Brooklyn prosecutor Charles Coleman on MSNBC:

Coleman said on MSNBC:

We are not for Judge Dearie already saying that he may expedite the review these documents. I would say that it would be reasonable timeline to set. But because Judge Dearie has already signaled that he was moving forward with the review, I think it’s awkward and a little weird, to be honest with you. I also think that it does, to your question, play directly into Trump’s hands of delay, delay, delay.

Now, it’s important to understand that judge dearie can ultimately throw a monkey wrench in this entire scheme by conducting and concluding his review and issuing a report earlier than that, at which point they wouldn’t necessarily have to adhere to the deadline. The question would then come back to Judge Cannon.

If Judge Dearie issues his rulings before that deadline, are you going to then wait until after that before you move forward with the larger case? That’s going to be an interesting thing to watch for, particularly because he’s already said that he would potentially escalate and expedite the review of the documents. So, if he sticks with that, what does Judge Cannon do when he meets that deadline before she set it?

It is an interesting point. Dearie doesn’t have to follow Judge Cannon’s timeline. He can finish up his review sooner so that the DOJ investigation can get back on track. If that happens, does Cannon sit on his report until December, or does she allow things to move forward?

Judge Cannon is a useful tool for Trump, but as we have already seen, she is not a free pass on the case.

The Judge is doing all that she can to act as Trump’s personal advocate, but her corruption can’t stop the entire classified documents investigation.

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