Nicolle Wallace Shreds The Wall Street Journal For Creating Trump Then Trying To Disavow Him

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace pointed out that no news organization did more laundering of Trump’s presidency than the Wall Street Journal, and they are seven years too late on disavowing him.

Video of Wallace:

Nicolle Wallace said on her MSNBC show Deadline: White House:

The “Wall Street Journal,” which did more laundering and legitimizing of Donald Trump’s presidency than perhaps any other outlet, they’re as culpable as any news organization in this country for his presidency. And his ongoing viability as a political figure.

Charlie Sykes, they write this. “This continues Trump’s attacks on Elaine Chao, Mr. McConnell’s wife, for being Chinese American. Her real offense was resigning as transportation secretary after Trump’s disgraceful behavior on January 6th. His feud with McConnell is also personal as the Kentucky senator condemned Trump’s January 6th actions and hasn’t spoken to him since.

The death wish rhetoric is ugly and deserves to be condemned. Trump’s apologists claim he merely meant McConnell has a political death wish, but that’s not what he wrote. It’s all too easy to imagine some fanatic taking Trump seriously and literally and attempting to kill McConnell.” Many supporters took Trump’s rhetoric about former vice president Mike Pence all too seriously. So, is this is why this is our lead story, Charlie Sykes, a “Wall Street Journal” is today warning some fanatic could take Trump seriously and literally, another seven years too late to the parade, but I welcome them. This has been the threat all along.

Rupert Murdoch used The Wall Street Journal to legitimize and provide credibility to an illegitimate president in Donald Trump.

The Journal deserves no credit for saying that Trump has gone too far by trying to get one of his supporters to harm Mitch McConnell. Murdoch could have used his vast media empire to reject and defeat Trump, but instead, he saw money and chose to make his media the biggest propaganda megaphone during the Trump administration.

The occasional slap on the wrist means nothing because in 2024 if Donald Trump is the Republican nominee, The Wall Street Journal will be championing his candidacy.