14 Former Officials From His White House Say Trump Mishandled Classified Documents

More than a dozen former officials from the Trump administration say that the former president mishandled classified documents.

The Washington Post reported:

During his four years in office, Trump never strictly followed the rules and customs for handling sensitive government documents, according to 14 officials from his administration, most of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss what they called Trump’s mishandling of classified information.

He took transcripts of his calls with foreign leaders as well as photos and charts used in his intelligence briefings to his private residence with no explanation. He demanded that letters he exchanged with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un be kept close at hand so he could show them off to visitors. Documents that would ordinarily be kept under lock and key mingled with piles of newspaper articles in Trump’s living quarters and in a dining room that he used as an informal office.

Former aides say that Trump flouted classification rules and would intimidate anyone who tried to take classified information away from him.

The aides also said that what the FBI found at Mar-a-Lago was normal for Trump in that classified documents were mixed in with newspaper articles and not kept under lock and key or protected.

There are witnesses to Trump’s pattern of behavior when it comes to mishandling classified documents.

From what the former White House officials suggest, Trump kept classified documents to show off his status to visitors.

If Donald Trump stole government documents to stroke his own ego and impress other people, it would be one of the most in-character things that he has ever done.

Trump clearly mishandled government documents. The documents weren’t supposed to be at his private club in his desk, but they were.

Should the government choose to charge Trump, it sounds like there will be plenty of witnesses available to testify to his criminal activity.