Republicans Say Herschel Walker Is Probably Done As Senate Campaign Implodes

Georgia Republicans are described as despondent over the revelations that pushed the Herschel Walker Senate campaign toward collapse.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported:

Just weeks before the midterm election, the shocking developments have some GOP figures despondent about Walker’s chances of defeating Warnock in a November race that could determine control of the U.S. Senate.

Conservative commentator Erick Erickson said the fallout is “probably a K.O.” for Walker’s midterm chances. Nicole Rodden, a former Republican House contender, blamed party leaders for backing a candidate who has “cost the GOP the U.S. Senate for a second time.”

“Herschel has fumbled as he was about to score,” said Jay Morgan, a prominent local Republican and former executive director of the state GOP. “And the clock is running out.”

It is difficult to see how Walker can recover from both the revelation that he paid for his girlfriend’s abortion, with physical evidence of the payment and his own son disavowing him while talking about his history of violence.

Republicans in Georgia listened to Donald Trump, nominated Herschel Walker, and now for the second time in two election cycles have probably cost themselves a chance of winning back the Senate majority.

Walker’s implosion has been spectacular, but it is also what happens when a political party lets a man with no more morals or integrity choose their nominees.

If Herschel Walker has imploded, Republican hopes for winning back the Senate involve flipping a Senate seat in Nevada and winning the open seat in Pennsylvania, where Dr. Oz has not had the lead in a single poll.

Without winning Georgia, Republicans face long odds of taking back the Senate.