Rick Scott Hits A New Level Of Pathetic With Support For Herschel Walker

Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) tried to support Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker, but he came off sounding desperate and pathetic.

Audio of Scott on The Hugh Hewitt Show:

Scott said, “This is textbook 101 for the Democrats. They know they’re going to lose. Herschel Walker is running a good race. He’s a great candidate. Raphael Warnock is Joe Biden. And you know, it’s just lies, cheat, and smear. That’s what Democrats do. They did it to Brett Kavanaugh. They did it to Clarence Thomas. They’re doing it to Herschel Walker. But he’s going to win.”

Listening to Scott trying to spin Herschel Walker as a viable candidate is sad. Herschel Walker doesn’t lead in a single poll, and claiming that a candidate who is losing will win is a campaign tactic as old as the hills. By repeating the claim that Walker will win, Republicans are trying to convince voters to get on the “winning side,” which is actually the side that is currently losing.

Rick Scott is facing a lot of heat if he fails to lead Republicans back to the Senate majority. Sen. Scott is another Republican who has aligned himself with Trump and stood aside waving his pom-poms as Trump chose one bad Senate candidate after another for the GOP.

The odds are that Herschel Walker is going to lose a close election in Georgia. Walker is probably toast, and Rick Scott’s efforts to prop him up were pathetic.