Hypocrite Right-Wing Christians Stand Behind Bible Busting Herschel Walker

Right-wing Christians in Georgia are ignoring the numerous Commandments that Herschel Walker has violated and are standing with him in Georgia.

Politico reported:

Since revelations surfaced that the former football star and self-described “pro-life” Republican had allegedly paid for an ex-girlfriend’s abortion in 2009, evangelical Christian leaders in Georgia have banded together to support Walker, as has the Republican Party in general. Walker has staked out a hard-line, “no exceptions” position on abortion.

So far, Christian evangelical leaders have not flagged in their support, saying that he aligns with them on key policy matters. It’s a practice that has become common for Christian conservatives since the rise of Donald Trump — a political era that has inured religious voters to news of lewd behavior by Republicans.

Right-wing Christians in Georgia have stuck with Walker even though he has violated several of the Ten Commandments, shown himself to be a danger to women and children, and has a history of pathological lying and violent behavior.

The right-wing Evangelicals stand by Herschel Walker because he has promised to take away a woman’s right to healthcare.

Trump’s rise in the Republican Party and the minions that he has brought with him has done one great service to America. It has revealed the hypocrisy of the Evangelical Christians who support them.

It isn’t a surprise that these fake Christians are standing by Walker. The group of voters that are likely to abandon him is swing voters in Georgia. The evangelical right are not swing voters. From a political science viewpoint, it is debatable whether or not they should be their own subset of voters.

The evangelical right are white, old Fox News Republicans who happen to go to church.

Every time these voters stick with a Republican that openly violates what they claim to believe in, right-wing evangelicals are discrediting themselves and exposing their own hypocrisy.