Herschel Walker Took Questions From Reporters And It Was A Disaster

Herschel Walker held a gaggle with reporters where he contradicted himself, thought the Lt. Governor of Georgia was a TV pundit and babbled about winning.

Video of Walker:

First, Walker contradicted his own statement from the morning on the abortion story when he told Hugh Hewitt that an abortion was nothing to be ashamed of, “I was talking about something totally different. I said it was my ex-wife, in my past, and nothing to do with what this woman said. I said this here, the abortion thing is false, it’s a lie, and that’s why I said, I said anything to happened to my ex-wife or what Christian was talking about, I don’t know. But as I said, there’s nothing to be ashamed of, with her husband, and my wife, and that’s the thing I said, and I said nothing about if it did happen, because I said that’s a lie. Let me go to somebody else.”

Walker blamed Democrats for the mother of his children saying that he is a liar, ” Just like what I said, the Democrats are desperate for seeking that reporter and I love my family and I always love my family, I know I’m going to win this race.”

The topper came when Herschel Walker tried to argue that the Lt. Governor of Georgia wasn’t the Lt. Governor, but was a TV pundit, “What is he doing now? Working for who? Going on TV and talk a lot. No, no, going on TV and talk a lot. Right now, people like that, people talking about football, so do you know me basically out there, I will win a seat for the Georgia people. The Georgia people need a winner, they don’t need no one that we see going on right now.”

After that incoherent nonsense, Herschel Walker left.

Herschel Walker does not have the necessary skills to talk his way out of this situation. Each time that Walker speaks, he makes it worse for his campaign.

The gaggle was a total disaster, as it showed that Herschel Walker has no idea what he is talking about. Walker isn’t as skilled of a liar as Donald Trump, and he lacks the magnetism that draws Trump’s followers to him.

In a state that wasn’t so closely divided, Herschel Walker would get blown out on election day, but the race in Georgia is likely to be close because all statewide elections for high-level office have a pattern of being close over the past four years.

Since Republicans value power over principle, they will stand with the walking train wreck that is Herschel Walker even as he crashes and burns.