Republicans Secretly Beg Biden For Infrastructure Money They Voted Against

Republicans voted against the infrastructure bill but have secretly begged Biden for money for their districts and states.

CNN reported:

While some Republican members who opposed the law have already been criticized for praising projects made possible by it, these letters went a step further, going out of their way to argue for even more spending back home.

All typed out on the standard blue and white letterhead for the House and Senate, the letters are full of the graciousness and politesse of official government correspondence, and make no mention of their votes against the infrastructure law.

None cite “socialism” or “radical spending.” No one included a paragraph about House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy calling the law “rushed and irresponsible,” or Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene calling the Republicans who voted for it “traitors.” Often, the letters signed by members of the House and Senate appeal using the same terms that they derided Democrats for using, from “economic growth” to “sustainability” benefits.

Republicans publicly say that the law is socialism and causing inflation, but behind closed doors, they are writing to the White House pleading for more money for their states and districts.

The hypocrisy is limitless. Republicans are taking credit for the projects generated by the new law all the while running against it.

In other words, Republicans voted no but took the dough.

The infrastructure bill and the spending are popular. Jobs are being created in states and districts, for which Republicans are happy to take credit, but they still want more.

Republicans aren’t brave enough to say that the infrastructure bill was a good idea or that fixing the nation’s infrastructure is a good policy.

The same Republicans running ads screaming about socialism are quietly begging the president for money that they voted against.