Dr. Oz Tops Herschel Walker By Being Photographed With Hitler’s Car

Dr. Oz was at a fundraiser in California, where he was photographed with a car once owned by Adolph Hitler.

It is impossible to believe that a candidate and a party would make this kind of mistake, but here it is:

Nothing to see here, just Pennsylvania’s Republican US Senate candidate being photographed with Hitler’s car prominently on display. Since this is the haplessly run National Republican Senatorial Committee, under the leadership of Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL), it isn’t much of a surprise that they set up one of their candidates to be seen with Hitler’s car.

It wouldn’t be difficult to set up the speaking area to not display Hitler’s car.

Dr. Oz was already in the news this week for murdering hundreds of dogs and puppies. Herschel Walker gave Oz a brief break from the negative spotlight by nuking his entire Senate campaign, but not to be outdone, Dr. Oz has played the Hitler card, and nothing beats Hitler for negative campaign coverage.

Both Dr. Oz and Herschel Walker were Trump’s endorsed choices for the US Senate, and both of them are the main reason why Democrats are looking good to keep the Senate majority.