Trump Asks When Will DOJ Investigate Every Other Living Ex-President, But Carter

Actually, Trump left Jimmy Carter out of his demand. Nice of him. But he did ask when DOJ was going to investigate every other living president.

From Mediaite:

At his Saturday rally in Nevada, ex-president Donald Trump spent a lot of time telling the crowd that former presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, and Barack Obama — not to mention Hillary Clinton — were all much worse about retaining documents, and that the Mar-a-Lago raid and subsequent investigations are a “hoax.”

“When will they investigate and prosecute Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, George Bush, and look into what took place with George Bush’s father, a very nice man,” asked Trump rhetorically. “And what about Barack Hussein Obama? They should give me back everything that they’ve taken,” he added.

Trump either cannot understand the distinction between presidential libraries and his scenario or is incapable of seeing the difference because it ruins his excuse.

“Barack Hussein Obama moved more than 20 truckloads, over 33 million pages of documents, both classified and unclassified, to a poorly built and unsafe former furniture store located in a bad neighborhood in Chicago. With no security, by the way,” 

No. Barack Hussein Obama (Trump loves his open racism) didn’t move anything. Obama didn’t assert any ownership and didn’t pick which documents would be taken. The federal government, through the National Archives, did it in contemplation of going into the Obama museum, which becomes a federal repository the moment it is complete, and the documents still don’t belong to Obama, never did, and never will.

Trump has always believed that everyone sees the world the way he does and everyone shares his values and outlook. He fundamentally cannot understand why a president wouldn’t assert ownership of “what they want” coming out of the White House.

Trump also complained that other ex-presidents get treated with deference, and they take a long time negotiating who gets what. To the extent that’s true, Trump failed to notice that he was given over a year and a half and the National Archives did all but… raid Mar-a-Lago, pressing to get the files back lawfully. They are still telling Trump’s attorneys that they don’t believe Trump has given them all back.

Again, it all gets back to Trump’s need to be a victim and his belief that everyone is the same as him in what they care about. He probably sincerely believes that other presidents wanted to keep super-secret files in order to “use” in the future and did get to keep them.