Val Demings Shreds Marco Rubio For Hurting Florida

Rep. Val Demings laid into Marco Rubio by saying that Rubio doesn’t like to come to work, and when he does, he hurts Florida.

Video of Rep. Demings:

Rep. Demings said on MSNBC’s The Sunday Show:

Let me say this. I am traveling the state, from the panhandle down to the keys, talking to Floridians about things that matter to them. Look, as you well know, I am the daughter of a maid and a janitor. Nobody can tell me that what it means to struggle, to try to meet ends need, to stretch $1.

I will do anything in our power to lower the cost for everyday working families, lower the cost for seniors. That’s exactly what we had when we passed the Inflation Reduction Act, that helps lower the cost of prescription drugs for seniors or having to cut their medication in half like I have heard so many times in the campaign trail. Capping the cost of insulin and other things that everyday families have to go through.

Let me just remind you of this. Marco Rubio, the person who has been in elected office since 1998 voted against the Inflation Reduction Act. He does not like to come to work, we all know that now, and when he does, he hurts Florida. So we are looking out for everyday families and what they have to go through on this campaign trail.

Rep. Demings was correct. Rubio has made it clear over the years that he hates the Senate. Sen. Rubio wants to be president, and seemingly, the only reason why he is in the Senate is that he has faceplanted as a presidential candidate.

Rubio is damaging Florida, but due to the state’s active suppression tactics of potential Democratic voters, and the rightward shift of the electorate, Rep. Demings is losing to Rubio in the polls and is an underdog on election day.

Demings is fighting hard for Florida and running a campaign to be proud of. Rep. Demings trails by an average of 4.6 points, so she is competitive, and if election day breaks right, she could win.