Dr. Oz Draws A Dozen People As Thousands Come Out For John Fetterman In Pennsylvania

John Fetterman drew a crowd of 1,203 people in Bucks County, PA, and Dr. Oz drew a dozen people for an event in Philadelphia.

Here is the Fetterman crowd in Bucks County on Sunday:

Here is Oz in Philadelphia:

The Fetterman campaign noted in a statement to PoliticusUSA, “In the weeks after the Montgomery County rally, Fetterman has drawn crowds of 1,043 in Scranton, 500 in Indiana, 609 in Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, 1,025 in the Lehigh Valley, over 600 in the pouring rain in Pittsburgh, 838 in deep-red York, and yesterday’s massive turnout of 1,230 in Bucks County…In the same period of time, Dr. Oz has not held a single public event with a large crowd. He fundraised in Florida, appeared in front of Hitler’s car in California, and held a small event in Franklin County, but otherwise, has only been seen with a handful of people at a time.”

Oz has only done small events. For example, in Indiana, PA, Fetterman drew more than 500 people for a rally while Oz walked through a local restaurant. This pattern has been playing out across Pennsylvania. Oz has not held large-scale events, probably because they don’t think their candidate can draw a crowd.

The media keeps suggesting that the Pennsylvania Senate race is a toss-up, but the polls and events on the ground indicate that John Fetterman is winning.

Because of partisan polarization, the election might not be a blowout, but there is nothing to suggest that Dr. Oz is winning in Pennsylvania.