Oz Woes Worsen As Republicans For Fetterman Launched In PA

The Fetterman campaign has launched a new ad and outreach to voters called Republicans for Fetterman.

drThe Fetterman campaign said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, ” Pennsylvania Lt. Governor John Fetterman launched “Republicans for Fetterman” — a coordinated, cross-platform campaign that today began with a new TV ad up in markets across the commonwealth, featuring a testimonial from a registered Republican. The “Republicans for Fetterman” campaign will include digital and TV ads, earned media, and events uplifting the voices of current and former registered Republicans across the commonwealth speaking candidly about why they’re fighting to help John Fetterman defeat Dr. Oz, encouraging other Republicans and independents to join them.”

Some of the other Republicans featured in Fetterman’s advertising include:

“I’m a Republican,” said Steve Miller, a registered Republican and Veteran from Allegheny County. “Oz gave me five minutes. When I went to see John, he sat me on the couch and talked to me for 20 minutes. We need to back somebody that’s going to support us veterans. And John Fetterman is our guy.”

“I’ve been a Republican my entire life,” said Vince Tulio, a registered Republican from Montgomery County. “I’ll be voting for John Fetterman in this election for numerous reasons. He was born in Pennsylvania. He’s lived in Pennsylvania his whole life. I want to elect someone who has the best interest at heart for everyone in Pennsylvania, not when it’s convenient in an election year. If you look at John’s record, what he’s done in Braddock – I don’t see Dr. Oz doing anything of that nature.

“I’ve been a Republican all my life,” said Lorraine Mory, a retired nurse. “I was always a single issue voter on abortion. However, now I see that they’re trying to get rid of it totally, and sometimes it’s medically necessary, which I didn’t understand until my daughter explained it to me. I won’t vote for somebody who is going to ban abortion now.”

Pennsylvanians Don’t Like Or Trust Oz

Dr. Oz’s approval rating is 36% in Pennsylvania. The fact that Oz is not a Pennsylvanian is a big deal to voters. Oz has struggled to draw a crowd when he campaigns, and if it weren’t for the vast sums of money that Mitch McConnell and outside Republican groups are spending on negative ads against Fetterman, the Senate race would probably be a blowout.

Republicans are trying to get Pennsylvania voters to vote for a candidate that they don’t like or trust, and the Republicans for Fetterman campaign could be one of the final nails in the political coffin of the Oz campaign.