1/6 Committee Bombshell: The Secret Service Knew 10 Days In Advance About Capitol Attack

New evidence disclosed by the 1/6 Committee revealed that the Secret Service was tipped off ten days in advance that the Proud Boys planned to attack the Capitol.


Rep. Adam Schiff said, “According to the source of the tip, the proud boys plan to March armed into DC, they think that they will have a large enough group to march into DC armed, the source reported, and will outnumber the police so they can’t be stopped. The source went on to say, their plan is to literally kill people. Please, please take this tip seriously, and investigate further. The source also made clear that the Proud Boys had detailed their plans on multiple websites that theDonald.net.”

Schiff continued, “Let’s pause here. The secret service had advanced information, more than 10 days beforehand, regarding the Proud Boys planning for January 6th. We now know of course, that the Proud Boys and others did lead the assault on our Capitol building. ”

The Secret Service was tipped off ten days before the 1/6 attack, but they did nothing. Was this information passed along to the White House? Was it Donald Trump who made the final call to do nothing and let the violence happen? Why didn’t the Secret Service pass along this information to the Capitol Police and surrounding police forces?

The answer is likely that someone wanted the violence to happen, and that person is probably Donald Trump.

The 1/6 attack could have been prevented, but with the person leading the attack in the Oval Office, the nation never had a chance.

The Secret Service should be fully investigated, and this is more evidence that Trump participated in an attack on the United States of America.