Roger Stone goes off on Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump

Roger Stone Blows A Gasket And Says Jared Kushner Has An IQ Of 70 And Ivanka Trump Is An Abortionist B*tch

Newly released documentary footage appears to show Roger Stone losing it and calling  Ivanka Trump an abortionist b*tch after her dad refused to give him another pardon.

Video of Stone:

Stone says in the clip, “Jared Kushner has an IQ of 70. He’s coming to Miami. We will eject him from Miami very quickly. He will be leaving very quickly, very quickly. He has a hundred security guards. I’ll have 5,000 security guards. You want to fight? Let’s fight. F–k you. F–k you, and your abortionist b*tch daughter.”

The January 6th attack, Trump’s coup plot, and narcissism that fueled the decision-making process of people who were committing crimes to have documentary filmmaking crews following them around have provided an inside look at how Trump and the people around him operate.

Roger Stone was upset because Donald Trump refused to give him a second pardon, ostensibly to cover his activities in the 1/6 attack.

Here’s Stone video released on Thursday by the January 6th committee from the documentary filmmaker who released the above footage:

Even before the hearing yesterday, Zachary Petrizzo reported in the Daily Beast that Stone was “threatening to file a $25 million lawsuit against the Danish filmmakers—Frederik Marbell and Christoffer Guldbrandsen—who filmed him back in November saying, ‘Fuck the voting, let’s get right to the violence.'”

Stone is probably headed back to prison, where he belongs. The long-time Trump adviser was the middle man for the Trump campaign and Russia and performed the same function for Trump with the militias on 1/6.

The failed former president is surrounded by fellow criminals like Roger Stone, who are only interested in themselves.

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