Herschel Walker Blames Diabetics For The High Price Of Insulin

Herschel Walker did not make it through 15 minutes of the debate without a total gaffe as he blamed diabetics for the high price of insulin.


Walker said, “I believe in reducing insulin, but at the same time, you gotta eat right, because he may not know and I know many people that’s on insulin, unless you have eating right, insulin is doing you no good. so you have to get food prices down.”

That is not the way insulin works. Diabetics can’t make their diabetes go away just by eating right.

Herschel Walker has been a disaster in the debate. He is not a good debater, but Walker is armed with the standard Fox News talking points on the issues. Herschel Walker thinks that he is winning the debate by interrupting and yelling.

Walker’s behavior is straight out of the 2016 Donald Trump playbook.

Herschel Walker could be the most extreme Senate candidate in the country this year, and blaming diabetics for the price of insulin is a new low.