Eric Trump proclaims the Republican Party is the Trump party

Eric Trump’s New Massive Screwup Could Cost Republicans The Midterm

While Republicans around the country are trying to downplay or run away from Trump, Eric Trump went on television and declared that the Republican Party is now the Trump party.


Eric Trump said on Newsmax:

We knew when we stood on that stage and you’re going to find out who your real friends were. My father is the first thing that he said to us as a family, and you know what? I’ve loved fighting for this country. We’ve taken an unbelievable amount of arrows, but we love red, white and blue. And um, I certainly hope my father does it again.

I think he’s the best president this country has ever had. He’s willing to fight. No other Republican is willing to fight and I think he’s fundamentally changed the party. The Republican Party is no longer the Republican Party. It is the Trump party.

The Republican Party is running in close House races around the country. Candidates in swing districts are trying to pretend like Donald Trump doesn’t exist, and here is Eric Trump reminding America that a vote for any Republican on the 2022 ballot is as good as a vote for Donald Trump.

Republicans are likely not to win control of the Senate because Trump’s slate of Senate candidates has been a spectacular failure.

The Republican Party needs Donald Trump to go away through Election Day. His presence in the midterm hurts Republicans with voters. Instead, Eric Trump is stroking his dad’s ego and reminding every single voter in America that the Republican Party that once was the party of Lincoln, Eisenhower, and Reagan, now belongs to Donald Trump.

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