DOJ Has Evidence That Trump Personally Obstructed Classified Docs Investigation

The DOJ now has videotape and witness testimony that Donald Trump personally and directly obstructed the classified documents investigation.


Harry Litman said on MSNBC:

When this came out, it smelled very bad, but there was some possibility that Trump had distanced himself. We’ve had over the last couple of weeks some very important evidence come out, Devlin’s story, of course, is huge, but also, we had another lawyer Alex Cannon say Trump directed me to do these things and as part of Devlin’s story we have Trump him saw pawing through the boxes and looking for sensitive materials.

So that really puts him immediately, not just at the center of the whole document retention, but at the obstruction. This is after the videotape comes after they’ve received a subpoena, both before and after. In other words, the evidence is very strong that Trump knowing of the investigation, takes efforts to conceal. That is the absolute core of obstruction under federal law.

The video evidence of a Trump aide moving the boxes is strong because that aide didn’t go into the area and move those boxes after Trump had been subpoenaed on his own accord. The aide was told to move the boxes, and that is evidence of obstruction.

Donald Trump has no deniability. There is evidence that he was going through the documents himself, and documents were found in the desk of his personal office at his residence.

If instead of classified documents someone had a kilo of narcotics in the desk at their home, law enforcement would not believe any excuses or attempts at deniability.

Trump currently finds himself in the same position, which is why he has gone with the defense that the documents were his. The law begs to differ with Trump, but the law states that the property that Trump stole belongs to the federal government.

Donald Trump appears to be heading toward indictment, and the Justice Department looks like they have a mountain of evidence against him.